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Case Studies

Here are a few examples of the horses that Jo has worked with:

Client Comments

"I owe a great deal to Jo who showed me a way to gain the respect and trust of my horses which in turn has enabled me to ride again.  At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I can honestly say that this experience has changed my life for the better."  Polly-Anne Lloyd

“I cannot emphasise enough, the difference Jo has made to Lutin’s and my life together, and urge anyone with even a small problem not to cope alone, but to seek this sort of help.”  Dr Diana James

"Just watching Jo gaining Maissa’s confidence, her calm workman like approach to the situation and her endless patience with Maissa has made our loading problems a thing of the past and should any other problems or issues occur, I would not hesitate to ask Jo to come and help us sort it out"  Carol-Ann Van Blerk

"I would highly recommend Jo and the methods that she uses.  She was generous with her information, friendly and maintained a perfect level of assertiveness with the horses. She gained their trust and respect and was quick to analyse them and offer very good, practical advice along with suggestions for improving my bond with both horses."   Frances Penwill-Cook

"I found Jo to be thorough and professional in all aspects of his training. She was calm and confident with Harry and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other horse owners."   Corinne Tucker

"I felt entirely satisfied with Jo's knowledge, attitude and ability to assess the horse and work on any problems without ever being in a hurry or stressing her"   Judith Wood

"When Oscar first came to us he was completely mad with a lot of trust issues. He would charge at us, bite and kick. Now he is just adorable!! He was laying down in the paddock and my daughter went and lay with him,  the pair sunbathing together.  Unthinkable before Jo worked her magic!"  Nicola Hazel

"Jo was very professional, explaining her methods well and gave me a comprehensive report of the training carried out and things to work on at home.  I was very happy with the work she did with my horse and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others."  Anna Brown


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