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Horsey Fun in the Beautiful Welsh Countryside:


MRILC Approved Courses:


Please note the following courses can be arranged for a date to suit you, if you can organise a minimum of 3 people to attend the course.

The Introductory Course is the first step to gain an in-depth understanding of Montys concepts. Students from various equine backgrounds are welcome to take part, as there are no prerequisites.

The Introductory Course is designed to provide you with a well-rounded knowledge in general horsemanship in the basics of horse performance, breeding, feeding and nutrition, with a strong emphasis on horse psychology. As the foundation of Montys work and a prerequisite for the Advanced Course, you will learn the method of Join-Up as it relates to various environments. You will have the opportunity to build your skills in Dually halter work, long lining, herding exercises and loading.

The training begins with two weeks of hands-on experience as well as theories in horse psychology.  Following this you will return home to complete several months of distance learning modules and field study (submitted via videotape every other month). It is during the field study period that you learn about horse performance, breeding, feeding and nutrition through a distance-learning program. Then you will return for practical and written exams, at the successful completion of which you will graduate from the Introductory Program.

Graduates of the Introductory Course are offered the opportunity to continue their education by completing the Advanced Course in the US and, upon personal selection by Monty, the Instructors Internship. Only Certified Instructors are able to teach, demonstrate and advertise their services for monetary gain.

Course hours:  Mon - Fri 9am - 4.30pm  Lunch: 12- 1.30pm

Cost:  1100   Exam Price:  500  (plus 100 for a Monty Roberts signed certificate (if desired), payable directly to Monty Roberts)  

Max participants: 5  Horses are provided for this course but your own horse is also welcome (livery charges apply of 10 per night).

It is also possible to take the Introductory course in modular form by undertaking the following courses, in this order:  Join-Up Clinic (4 days), Long Lining (2 days) and the 2nd week of the Introductory course (5 days - 500).

Course hours:  9am - 4pm  Lunch: 12- 1.30pm  Cost:  550  Max participants: 5  Children welcome if accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.  Horses are provided for this course but your own horse is also welcome (livery charges of 10 per night apply).

The Join-Up course is a four-day introduction to the language of 'Equus' and offers you a solid understanding of the signs and reciprocal gestures of the language of horses. Over the four days you will discover the importance of body language, breathing, spatial awareness and the effect of your intentions when in the presence of a horse. Beginning to understand and create a trust-based relationship with your horse will provide a valuable foundation for any equine discipline.

You will learn Monty's concepts through demonstrations, discussions, video and practical hands-on exercises and round pen work. As a student you will be familiarized with the first steps of Monty's Join-Up process, which teaches humans to communicate with horses using their natural body language.

During the summer months the theory part of this course will be during the afternoons with practical sessions in the mornings, to avoid being outside in the heat of the day.


      Horse Psychology Theory
      Join-Up DVD
      Join-Up Demo
      Illustrations and Discussion of JoinUp technique
      Tour of Facilities and Meet the Horses you will be working with
    Practical session:  Line Coiling and Throwing (In preparation for Join-Up)


      Horse Psychology Theory (cont)
      Dually Halter DVD
      Dually Halter Demo
      Practical Session:  Dually Halter:  Controlling your horse's feet
      Vulnerable Areas and Feet Demo
      Practical Session:  Vulnerable Areas and Feet


      Horse Psychology Theory (cont)
      Practical Session:  Join-Up1
      Dually Halter Demo with Obstacles
      Practical Session:  Dually Halter work with Obstacles



         Horse Psychology Theory (cont)
      Practical Session:  Join-Up 2
        Practical Session:  Join-Up 3



Effective long-lining will bring your horse into balance, enhance their outline, and prepare them both physically and psychologically for further learning. This unique, easy to learn technique combines Monty's Join-Up communication concepts with the effectiveness of long lining. These three days are designed to provide any horse advocate or owner with the knowledge of why double line training is so valuable and the practical tools to apply this knowledge.


      Long Lining Introduction (discussion)
      Tour of Facilities and meet the horses you will be working with
      Using the Dually Halter (to control the feet of your horse): practical session
      Using Your Body to Control a Horse (an introduction to liberty work):  practical session
      Using long lines:  practical session in groups (without a horse!)
      The Emergency stop:  practical session in groups (without a horse) 


      Long lining:  In the round pen with a variety of horses:  practical session
      Long Lining:  In the arena (in a driving position):  practical session
      Long Lining:  over obstacles:  practical sessions with a variety of horses



If possible please contact Jo by email to book your course.  Please include all your details, the course that interests you, if you will be bringing a horse (please see livery charges), if you require accommodation and the dates of your visit.  Jo will then send you a booking form to complete and post to her, with your deposit, to secure your place on the course.

Booking Policy:

25% deposit required on booking to secure your place.  This deposit is non-refundable.
The balance of payment is required 4 weeks prior to your course.

Cancellation Policy:

Our cancellation charges are as follows:

More than 4 weeks prior to the course:  deposit only
Within 4 weeks of the course: 100%

Payment:  cash, cheques and bank transfers are accepted.  We cannot accept debit or credit cards.


We will shortly update this section with a selection of B&B accomodation in the area.


We are based near the lovely North Wales village of Llanfair Talhaiarn.  Please refer to the Location tab for full details and directions.

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